About Us

Welcome to Kid Bully, a brand that champions the spirit of the underdog and celebrates the power of embracing your inner kid. Founded in 2013, Kid Bully was born out of the belief that our inner child holds the key to our dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the demands of real life often overshadow our youthful imagination and enthusiasm. Our brand exists to reignite that spark and remind you of the limitless potential within.

At Kid Bully, our motto is simple yet profound: "Don't forget that inner kid." It serves as a constant reminder of why we started this journey in the first place. We understand that your inner child is the source of your dreams and goals—the light that ignites your life. We believe that by embracing a "no love lost" mentality, you can navigate through adulthood without ever losing touch with that inner kid. It's a mindset that keeps your dreams alive and guides you towards a more fulfilling life.

Our commitment to embracing the inner child is reflected in every aspect of our brand. From our meticulously crafted menswear to our thoughtfully designed womenswear, our collections embody the essence of our motto. Each piece tells a story, symbolizing the resilience, determination, and joy that come from nurturing your inner kid.

The Take Back Collection is a testament to reclaiming your dreams and aspirations. It serves as a powerful reminder that it's never too late to pursue what truly matters to you. With bold designs and empowering motifs, this collection encourages you to break free from the constraints of adulthood and reconnect with your inner child's boundless imagination.

The King of Hearts Collection represents our unwavering belief in the importance of self-love and authenticity. By embracing your inner kid, you become the king or queen of your own heart, radiating confidence and genuine happiness. This collection showcases regal designs that inspire you to love yourself unconditionally and live life on your own terms.

As we celebrate our 10th year, Kid Bully is just getting started. We remain committed to our mission of empowering individuals to rediscover their inner kid and pursue their dreams fearlessly. Our designs will continue to reflect the essence of our motto, consistently reminding you to never forget the importance of that inner child within.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the power of your inner kid. With Kid Bully, you'll find a brand that understands your journey and empowers you to live life to the fullest. Explore our collections, experience our passion, and ignite the fire within.