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King of Hearts Muscle Tee

King of Hearts Muscle Tee

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Introducing our exclusive King of Hearts Muscle Tee, meticulously crafted to perfection. This cream-colored muscle tee is a testament to unparalleled quality, tailored precisely to my own dimensions. The standout feature is the custom-designed "Kid Bully" King of Hearts emblem, showcasing a charismatic black king with flowing dreads, his regal crown adorned with a sword of power. The iconic "K" emblem on the shirt is elevated with a unique puff print texture, adding a touch of dimension to the design.

Turn heads as you proudly display the empowering message "King of Hearts" in bold blue lettering on the back of the tee. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the custom inside tag to the meticulously designed hang tag, ensuring an exceptional experience with every wear.

Please note, this extraordinary muscle tee requires special care. To maintain its impeccable condition, it is recommended to be dry cleaned only. Embrace your inner royalty and embody the essence of the King of Hearts with this extraordinary muscle tee, designed to make a bold statement and inspire confidence in all who wear it.

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